Fuck Facebook! I am using SeeMeeS!

Welcome to ballzdeep.us! ballzdeep.us is part of the Global, SeeMeeS, Social Media Network! The Global, SeeMeeS, Social Media Network is a network that doesn't have one owner, like Facebook, Twitter and other individually owned and operated companies, but rather is owned, operated and maintained by contributors like you! Unlike Facebook, that has all traffic, information and profits going to only one company and one destination on the internet, SeeMeeS distributes the load of traffic and the profits to the many different domains that host the platform, giving anyone who is interested in owning their own social media web site, the opportunity to benefit from the ad revenue earned from the social media traffic, as well as sales and distribution of scripts needed to host a SeeMeeS site.

The SeeMeeS network works with what I like to call hub and satellite, redundant intercommunication. The site you are on now is a satellite, and when you make a post or perform any other activity on this site, it stores the information on the local database, then sends it to a designated hub. The hubs in turn communicate with each other, gathering activity from all other participating satellites (web sites), then sends bits of that information to each satellite to be seen as partial posts, comments or thumbnails of images from the original activity, so no matter what site you are on, you will see all posts relevant to your search or viewing preferences, from the collection of posts on all participating satellites (web sites), creating a massivly, redundant network of shared information, that no one will ever be able to censor, crash or completely shut down.

You are welcome to enter and look around, or you can register and begin to post and share, just as you would on facebook or any other social media platform. This project is still very new and no where near complete, and is actually still in test and development stage, so please don't be too critical of it. If you are already registered and seeing this message, then you probably just need to login.

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